Suzanna Lovsky


Kayleigh Davis


Jay Melilli

Truckee River Weekend

Independence Day in the Alpine Mountains

Spent the July 4th weekend with a few strangers that are now new friends. We were extremely lucky to score a shared Airbnb house directly on the Truckee River, especially after our original booking and host canceled on us only a few days before the trip. 

Big shout out to Airbnb for finding us a new place after the last minute cancelation, which ended up being better than we could have ever imagined.

This selection of images range: an afternoon hiking on the Five Lakes Trail, a quick dip in one of the Five Lakes, boating on Lake Tahoe, anchoring inside Emerald Bay and cooking out on the deck enjoying the weather. And most of all, celebrating our freedom.


Pride 2016

"I shoot what I see" goes without saying for my images from Pride in 2016 and past years. This post contains a mix of Kodak film images shot with Leica M6 and digital images shot with M9 (with flash). As you scroll, the contents of the images range from a journalistic approach, to shots that are more personal photos of my friends.

On the flip side, events like Pride provide a great opportunity to test techniques and gear. Last year I focused on a particular style that told a story but this year I did a little bit of testing while enjoying the festivities.

Hot Air Balloons

Waking up at 3AM to make the drive up to Sonoma from the Glen Park area of San Francisco wasn't easy, but I was willing to put in the time to capture a few unique images.

The goal was to arrive around 5A, while the first few balloons put on a show called "glowing," and then photograph the magical looking figures as they drift off into the deep blue morning horizon.

Pentax 67ii (65mm & 105mm lenses)

I only expected to walk away with these early morning images (since the light was the most interesting and I figured less people who be there shooting that early) however, I stuck around and captured a few more interesting digital and film images that I hope showcases the experience and mood one can have at The Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Nikon D810 (70-200mm f/2.8 VRII lens)