Motley Goods

Cleveland Motley / Sailing in his restored Trimaran.  

Hand made in San Francisco, built for the urban adventure.

"In a time when manufacturing is being moved overseas, and importance is placed on expediency over quality, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each bag is constructed from start to finish in-house at our Market St. studio. The attention and care that is put into creating each bag combined with the heavy-duty waterproof Cordura nylon, full grain leather, and vinyl liner ensure that all Motley Goods last a lifetime.

With designs born from the streets of San Francisco, Motley Goods takes its inspiration from products that were built and used before the age of planned obsolescence.We strive to combine a classic minimalist style with strength through superior materials and construction. 
In the Words of YACHT,  “In this age of undifferentiated digital ownership, we take great pride, in making objects that are worth owning.” 

- Cleveland Motley

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